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Nenita T

 Help around Home,

Details: My name is Nenita Torres 42 years old.single mom .i have 1 child,she’s age 16 year from Philippines.i been working experience to care the twin kids in Taiwan.for 3 years.i have been also...

Soma P

 Companionship,  Help around Home,  Home Care,

Details: I am a 46 years old well behaved woman from India, looking for a care giver job in UK. I can work hard to take care of my clients. I can speak moderate Enlish and understand too.

Henry W

 Companionship,  Help around Home,  Home Care,  Home Nursing Care,  Meal Preparation,  Personal Hygiene Care,  Transportation,  Bible study, cleaning,cooking driving, caring

Details: I'm good carer I want to care about people. I was born a Christian from a Christian family & we have been caring people in need mostly our two neighborhood who got an accidents with broken legs...

Sherlon H

 Companionship,  Help around Home,  Home Care,  Home Nursing Care,  Meal Preparation,  Personal Hygiene Care,  personal hygiene care

Details: i am 43 years old single friendly caring loving and kind person with good personality . i have 2 children my son is the first born and is 27 years old and my daughter is the second born she is now...

Athena M

 Companionship,  Meal Preparation,  Hairdressing

Details: Hi I'm a caring, genuine person and have a good sense of humour. I love taking people out to places they enjoy going to and assisting them also reassuring them whilst doing so. I love chatting...

Jannson S

 Companionship,  Help around Home,  Home Care,  Home Nursing Care,  Meal Preparation,  Personal Hygiene Care,  Transportation,

Details: Iam Jannson Santiago License NurseMidwife looking for caregiver job in england

Binta Y


Details: My name is Yahaya Binta, a Nigerian from kogi state, I graduated 3:00 in my diploma, I'm very hard-working, I love reading and cooking. My hobbies are hiking,being creative. I'd love it if I'm...

Hendrick M

 Home Care,

Details: Good disciplined guy and respectfully to others

Sania K

 Companionship,  Help around Home,  Home Care,  Meal Preparation,  Personal Hygiene Care,  Transportation,

Details: I am a caring and loving person who is interested in trying to find a nice person to look after.

Wendy M

 Companionship,  Help around Home,  Home Nursing Care,  Meal Preparation,  Personal Hygiene Care,

Details: I’m mature English female with 25 years experience in care, I’ve been doing livein care for 17 years, I’m comfortable working with Male & Female Clients, I like pets, Gardening ect, I’m...

Nandi N

 Companionship,  Help around Home,  Meal Preparation,  Personal Hygiene Care,  Transportation,

Details: I'm an honest carer who takes care of my customer's privacy and dignity. I'm sensative to their needs and preferences. I'm a bubbly outgoing person, I'm social and easily apaptable. I'm a good driver...

Pearl H

 Companionship,  Help around Home,  Home Care,  Home Nursing Care,  Meal Preparation,  Transportation,  I do not have my car in the UK

Details: I am a Widow and a very capable,trustworthy person Full references will be available by contacting the Referees directly. I do not smoke or drink alcohol. I am fully qualified in the Property...

Iveta S

 Companionship,  Help around Home,  Home Care,  Meal Preparation,  Personal Hygiene Care,

Details: Hello, my name is Iveta. I am originally from Czech Republic but I've been in the UK for over four years. Caring comes naturally to me. I love to listen to my clients' stories and I feel that I...

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