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About Us

Our Purpose

At Home Carers Direct we understand that matching the right Home carer / nurse is incredibly important. Home Carers Direct was brought to life out of a growing need to find compassionate professional home carers for those needing care, without having to pay the ever-increasing agency prices.

We have developed the site to ensure that the client can find who they believe will be their perfect carer, rather than that decision being left to someone that doesn't know them personally.

What Makes Us Different?

At Home Carers Direct we offer professional carers the facility to promote their qualities to a client, so that they can decide who they would like to interview for the position. In addition to the obvious benefit of matching the appropriately experienced carer to the right client, HCD offers the opportunity to match personality types; a factor often overlooked when deciding who would be suitable to look after our loved ones.

We do not take commission on the carers earnings which means the rate agreed between client and carer is exactly what the carer is paid. We believe that this is a much fairer sytem, ensuring the client does not have to pay expensive agency rates and the carers earn what they are really worth rather than having to get by on low wages.

We feel that the important role of home care has been undervalued on both a local and national scale and here at HCD we address that issue by putting the two people that really matter in direct contact.

We are here to make it easy for Clients to find, get to know, contact, and employ Carers.

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Our Members Say...

Success Story

"Through Home Carers Direct I was able to start working with Carla who has MS. Carla is a wonderful woman with an amazing spirit. I am so glad to have found her and I am looking forward to the coming..."

- Thomas L -

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