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No. of Applicants: 0 - Be the FIRST TO APPLY!
Pay: £ Negotiable
Posted On: 23rd May 2022
Applications Close: 1st June 2022 

Details: assistance in washing and dressing 4-7 mornings a week. my husband has parkinsons and need a...

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No. of Applicants: 0 - Be the FIRST TO APPLY!
Pay: ££11.50/hour
Posted On: 18th May 2022
Applications Close: 29th May 2022 

Details: I ma a 43 year old lady who was involved in an RTA. A lorry pulled out in front as I was going to...

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personal carer hourly

No. of Applicants: 0 - Be the FIRST TO APPLY!
Pay: £ Tbc
Posted On: 17th May 2022
Applications Close: 26th May 2022 

Details: looking for a carer to visit three times daily to look after elderly lady

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Personal assistant

No. of Applicants: 1
Pay: £ Negotiable
Posted On: 15th May 2022
Applications Close: 20th June 2022 

Details: Carer

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No. of Applicants: 0 - Be the FIRST TO APPLY!
Pay: £ Tbc
Posted On: 15th May 2022
Applications Close: 22nd June 2022 

Details: Daily care required for a wonderful 94 year old lady

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No. of Applicants: 0 - Be the FIRST TO APPLY!
Pay: £10.50/hour
Posted On: 13th May 2022
Applications Close: 14th July 2022 

Details: I have multiple sclerosis, use a wheelchair full-time. I was living independently until I injured...

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No. of Applicants: 0 - Be the FIRST TO APPLY!
Pay: £ Negotiable
Posted On: 9th May 2022
Applications Close: 31st May 2022 

Details: My father had a stroke 4 years ago. He has recovered well and lives independently with my mother....

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Urgent LiveIn or out carer

No. of Applicants: 0 - Be the FIRST TO APPLY!
Pay: £ Tbc
Posted On: 7th May 2022
Applications Close: 15th June 2022 

Details: I am looking for a caregiver for my 82 year old mum in Warwick. She just came out of hospital and...

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Closes Soon!

Holiday career

No. of Applicants: 0 - Be the FIRST TO APPLY!
Pay: £10/hour
Posted On: 6th May 2022
Applications Close: 25th May 2022  Closes Soon!

Details: We have been let down at the last minute for a carer to look after my 101 year old mum at my...

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Evening Bedtime Carer

No. of Applicants: 0 - Be the FIRST TO APPLY!
Pay: £ Negotiable carer’s rate
Posted On: 1st May 2022
Applications Close: 30th May 2022 

Details: Care assistant to help with bedtimes 5 days per week. The patient has a rare form of Parkinson’s...

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Carers Looking for Work

At Home Carers Direct we understand that matching the right Home carer / nurse is incredibly important. All of the Carers and Nurses on Home Carers Direct are self-employed, non-agency professionals and as such are able to deliver premium care at hourly rates that are fair and of value to both the client and the Carer/Nurse. This means you will be earning £10/hour or higher through work found on this site; giving you the pay rate that you deserve. For a full list of all our current Care Jobs click here.

In addition to the financial benefit, the client can also rest in the knowledge that they are paying the Home Carer / Nurse directly. The result of this way of operating means that Home Carers and nurses on Home Carers Direct are earning a respectable living wage for the valuable work they do rather than struggling on low rates of pay that most agency staff currently receive. This way of working means that both Client and Carer are financially better off, making for a much happier partnership.

Looking for a Carer?

Client using Home Carers Direct can rest in the knowledge that the rate of pay they agree to will go directly to their Carer, this means a lower cost for the Client than agency rates but a much better pay rate for the Carer; Better for Everyone.

Clients looking to find individual home care also have the added benefit of being able to view a prospective Carer/Nurse's DSB certificate (formerly known as a CRB) by the touch of a button.

Carers on the site are also able to upload various other documents such as NVQ qualification certificates and references; this ensure the client can verifiy that the Carer/Nurse has the appropriate documentation and level of background checks required for their position.

Clients can also search for specific care requirements whether it be companionship, Personal assistance, Alzheimers care, Dementia care, Parkinsons care, live in care, night care and much more, meaning that the carers/nurses in the resulting search are filtered to those that are experienced in the neccessary fields of care most suited to the clients needs.

For a full list of all our current Carers click here.

Your Membership

For Members looking for Carers your free membership means you are able to Post a job Ad on the site, or to search our Directory and contact Carers directly. We have designed the site to make it as easy and simple for you to find your perfect Carer.

If you wish to add a job you can choose how you'd like to receive applications - individual emails, a daily summary of applicants, or no contact (you login to receive the details ensuring you don't get inundated with emails!). You can also accept, shortlist, and reject applicants with just the click of a button, making it easy for you to manage your applicants plus our members receive an email explaining the status of their application - meaning they're updated without you having to write individual emails!

For our Carers seeking work your free membership includes creating your own profile page with your details, experience, interests, skills, qualification and a profile picture. You also receive your own unique url address which can be used for your own promotion elsewhere (business cards, for example).

Once you've created your profile it will appear in our directory where Members can search either by specific traits, location or profile name and you can be found! All free members can also receive emails of the latest jobs posted on the site meaning you don't have to remember to login to check what's new!

If you decide to upgrade to our Premium Membership you get all these great benefits plus lots more; you gain access to your own message centre where you can receive, and reply to, messages from Clients, and receive updates to applications.

Additional Premium Member features include being able to apply to jobs, viewing your application history and status of applications, and becoming an affiliate of Home Carers Direct where you can earn money for each person who subscribes from your recommendations.