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Charlotte B

 Companionship,  Help around Home,  Home Care,  Home Nursing Care,  Meal Preparation,  Personal Hygiene Care,  Transportation,

Details: Charlotte Cares, provides one to one care and support in the comfort of your own home. Here at Charlotte Cares, I design care that is most suitable for the service user, this might be supporting...

Tsungai M

 Home nursing care .l can support patients in their own houses in meal preparation,personal hygiene and any support around the home

Details: My name is Tsungai Marian Mutasa.I’m a qualified nurse mainly work with all patients from all different ethnic background.I have got six years experience and been working in different...

Amina M

 Companionship,  Help around Home,  Home Care,  Home Nursing Care,  Meal Preparation,  Personal Hygiene Care,  Transportation,  Nil

Details: Hi .My name is Amina am a Christian,God fearing, hard working I love my job as a nurse but I don't mind taking up a carer job as am not based in the UK just in case anyone is ready to hire a...

Abhishek M

 Companionship,  Help around Home,  Home Care,  Meal Preparation,  Personal Hygiene Care,  Transportation,  Pets careing, companionship, friendly, helping, driving 2,3 and 4 whiller transportation

Details: My name is abhishek i am from India, bachlors degree holder, I am fluent in English, hindi, kannada, gujrathi language, I have experience in care giveing, for children, leadership and pets, I am very...

Wendy M

 Companionship,  Help around Home,  Home Nursing Care,  Meal Preparation,  Personal Hygiene Care,

Details: I’m mature English female with 25 years experience in care, I’ve been doing livein care for 17 years, I’m comfortable working with Male & Female Clients, I like pets,...

Anne H

 Companionship,  Help around Home,  Home Care,  Home Nursing Care,  Meal Preparation,  Personal Hygiene Care,  Transportation,  all your every day meads

Details: i am a ex nurse worked at Stoke manderville i have cared for Prof Steven Hawkins Prof Bernard Lovell Mr Kenneth MacKenzie MBE Nicola wyatt a published authoress

Rose O

 Companionship,  Help around Home,  Home Care,  Meal Preparation,  Personal Hygiene Care,

Details: I am a Nigerian. I lived in the UK for 18 months between January 2009 to July 2010 for studies. I had experience in providing home care for my grandma.In Nigeria it's our custom to have grandparents...

Patricia B

 Companionship,  Help around Home,  Meal Preparation,  Personal Hygiene Care,  Transportation,  Shopping, liaise with professional agencies eg go and hospital visits

Details: I am South African born, have an EU passport. I am married, have 2 adult daughter's and 3 grand children. When I finished school I had a banking career which lasted 27 years. I lived in Portugal for...

Leda D

 Companionship,  Help around Home,  Home Care,  Meal Preparation,

Details: I work out of compassion and love as I believe everyone should be happy and respected. :) I am happy to chat about broad topics, have a sense of humour and attentive towards people and their needs....

Clive S

 Within the live in care I will offer most of the above services.

Details: I am a semi retired businessman, who decided to change careers late in life to become a carer after looking after elderly parents and deciding that not all carers are not considerate, compassionate...

Dawn S

 Companionship,  Help around Home,  Home Care,  Home Nursing Care,  Meal Preparation,  Personal Hygiene Care,  Transportation,

Details: Experience of live in care Unfortunately there is NO WAY to unregister from this site!!!

Maggie P

 Companionship,  Help around Home,  Home Care,  Meal Preparation,  Transportation,

Details: I am an hardworking, conscienceous experienced carer who has recently moved to the area. I am also patient and caring, a good listener and not a bad basic cook !

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