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Cecilia D

 Companionship,  Help around Home,  Home Care,  Home Nursing Care,  Meal Preparation,  Personal Hygiene Care,  Transportation,

Details: I am a 36 year old female who is caring, patient and compassionate. I am looking for a live in care job. I am a quick learner and accommodative of pets and smokers.

Michelle R

Details: I have been working as a live in carer for nearly 4 years, i am patient and calm and understand what is expected of me as a live in carer

Niang O

 Help around Home,  Home Care,  Home Nursing Care,  Meal Preparation,  Personal Hygiene Care,  Transportation,

Details: An adaptable, conscious and enthusiastic care worker with experience in providing a professional care service to adult, children, sick and disabled patients. Having an excellent understanding of...

Qaisirah A

 Companionship,  Help around Home,  Home Care,  Meal Preparation,  Personal Hygiene Care,

Details: I'm a self employed live in carer with 14 years experience from Bermuda but based in Manchester for the last 5 years who enjoys working with the elderly and helping them to maintain their quality of...

Spenna P

 Companionship,  Help around Home,  Home Care,  Home Nursing Care,  Meal Preparation,  Personal Hygiene Care,

Details: I am a dedicated person, hard working and a learner. I love to meet people from a different culture or and tradition.

Ionela L

 Companionship,  Help around Home,  Home Care,  Meal Preparation,  Personal Hygiene Care,  Transportation,

Details: I’m a very friendly and helpful person!

Tom K

 Companionship,  Help around Home,  Home Care,  Meal Preparation,  Personal Hygiene Care,  Transportation,  Loading, security, dry washing,teaching record keeping

Details: I am a Ugandan male aged 30 who is chocolate in colour and of medium size and height. Not to praise myself but for sure I am kind, loving, respectful,patient,tolerant, understanding and a man who is...

Tatiana P

 Companionship,  Help around Home,  Home Care,  Meal Preparation,  Personal Hygiene Care,  Transportation,

Details: I have worked my whole life in Health and Care Industry. I have over 3 years experience of working in UK under National and CQC standards. I worked as live in care specialist for 3 years for...

Rose O

 Companionship,  Help around Home,  Home Care,  Meal Preparation,  Personal Hygiene Care,

Details: I am a Nigerian. I lived in the UK for 18 months between January 2009 to July 2010 for studies. I had experience in providing home care for my grandma.In Nigeria it's our custom to have grandparents...

Melanie H

 Companionship,  Help around Home,  Home Care,  Personal Hygiene Care,  Transportation,

Details: Hello, my name is Melanie and at present I live in Italy, however I'm now looking to return to the U.K and I'm looking for live in accommodation. I'm a very caring woman and I'm trust worthy, loyal...

Muhammad S

 Personal Hygiene Care,  Transportation,

Details: Im 28 years year old male. Recently working as an ojek driver in indonesia. I have heart in serving world. I love to serve people thats why i mostly working on service business. I prefer work with...

Snjezana V

Details: My name is Snjezana, I am Croation from capital city of Zagreb, age 50. I am devorced, with one adult married doughter. I am nutritionist and aroma therapist. Two years ago I finished school for...

Patricia B

 Companionship,  Help around Home,  Meal Preparation,  Personal Hygiene Care,  Transportation,  Shopping, liaise with professional agencies eg go and hospital visits

Details: I am South African born, have an EU passport. I am married, have 2 adult daughter's and 3 grand children. When I finished school I had a banking career which lasted 27 years. I lived in Portugal for...

Maria C

 Companionship,  Help around Home,  Personal Hygiene Care,

Details: I work in 2 care home around Cardiff area, I love looking after people and help them as much as I can.

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